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Convert HEX color values to their corresponding RGB color values.

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Hex to RGB converter 

In HTML, CSS, and SVG, changing colors on the web is dependent on hex COLOR codes. Hex codes are also referred to as hexadecimal color codes that are used to represent hexadecimal numbers into binary code to make it more human-friendly and easy to understand.

What is hex color code?

Let's get started with understanding what hex color codes are before moving on to learn what RGB is. Hexadecimal numbers or hex color codes are used to identify colors in HTML and CSS

A Hex code starts from a hashtag or pound sign (#000000). It is a 6 digit code that has 3 numbers from 0 to 9 and 3 letters from A to F. That means every hexadecimal string has numbers and letters for representing a particular color shade. 

Hexadecimal color codes play a significant role in specifying colors in code-powered elements in CSS and HTML on Web pages. 

What is RGB? 

The word RGB stands for red, green, and blue color, primary colors that combine to give white light. 

RGB color models provide graphic representation in electronic devices such as computers and TV. 

For the shorthand, hex color codes and RGB use different ways to represent the same thing: color systems on electronic devices. 

What is #RRGGBB? 

There is another way to write this 6 digit code that is #RRGGBB means that every pair of values represents a particular amount of shade. 

  • RR represents the amount of red shade. 
  • GG represents the amount of green shade. 
  • BB represents the amount of blue shade. 

Identifying the RGB values is easy because these primary colors have a scale to be measured (0 to 255). The following elaboration will give a clear idea of how RGB values work. 

  • RGB (255,0,0) means the red color is present in its brightest concentration. 
  • RGB (0,255,0) means the green color is present in its highest possible concentration. 
  • RGB (0,0,255) means the blue color is present in its highest concentration. 

Reading hex color codes 

Reading hex color codes will be quite easy once you understand its formula. 

Similar to the hexadecimal numeral system, hex color code values numerically represented from 0 to 9 and higher from 9, it is replaced by letters e.g. from A to F. 

For instance, the hexadecimal number for the number 72 is 114.

You must be wondering how? Follow the below steps and come to this conclusion. 

1. The first step is multiplying the first number by 16. 
            7 × 16 = 112

2. The second step is multiplying the second digit by 1.
             2 × 1 = 2 

3. The final step is adding up both values together to get one single number. 
             112+2= 114

When you do not want to perform these calculations manually, you can use an online converter for this purpose. 

Using hex to RGB converter 

You can simply use a hex to RGB converter to find hex color code and change it into RGB color values without any hassle. 

Utilities online are offering the best hex to RGB converter that takes hex color code values in its input and gives a complete RGB color preview. 
RGB value is important for specifying colors for photo editing software such as PhotoShop and LightRoom. 

When you want to use some particular color on your Web page or HTML, you will require RGB values because these types of photo editors use RGB values for the hex code. 

For this purpose, a hex to RGB converter comes in handy to get you the required values.