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Encode or decode HTML entities for safe use within code or storage.

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HTML Encoder/Decoder (Utilities Online)

It is an online tool that performs two tasks namely, encoding and decoding of special characters, that cannot be represented as it is in HTML. This tool changes the characters outside ASCII seven-bit codes into HTML entities and vice versa. In this way, it performs a dual-task.

What is an HTML encoder?

Its main function is to convert special characters that do not lie in the standard ASCII charset into HTML entity so that it becomes recognizable by the browser and it represents the exact character.

Some of these characters are “€,∅, ©, etc.”

Some characters cannot be represented as in HTML as they are because the browser may get them wrong because of the syntax of HTML. These are: “<, >, double quotations, etc.”

What is an HTML decoder?

It is the reversal of the HTML encoder. It converts the HTML entity to its original form. A decoder can decode the character back to its Unicode form.

What is ASCII?

American Standard Code for Information Interchange or ASCII is a standard encoding system that uses numbers to depict characters. It was historically developed by ANSI (American National Standard Institute) for telegraph codes, later after the coming of the internet, used as a standard to represent data. However, later it was extended because the older version contained 128 characters. In an extended version of ASCII, it can house all English alphabets, numbers, and certain special characters up to 256 characters.

What is the popular encoding system with HTML?

ASCII falls short when we want to represent characters outside the English language. Moreover, certain special characters cannot be rendered with this encoding system. As a result, UTF-8 is commonly the best encoding system being used while writing web pages for it enables you to encode a bulk of characters easily.

How to use our encoder/decoder?

Our online tool works very in real-time and has the simplest interface and an easy to go mode of operation.

Its interface consists of two boxes where you can write your text for encoding and decoding. The box on the left side is an HTML encoder whereas, the right one is an HTML decoder.

Follow these steps to get the know-how of the working of this tool:

Why should you use our HTML Encoder/Decoder?

  1. Enter the characters that you want to encode in the left box
  2. You can also upload it from your device.
  3. You can get the HTML string in the right box in an instant.
  4. To use a decoder, enter the HTML entity into the right box.
  5. You will get the corresponding character in the left box.
  6. Download your result by clicking on the save button.
  7. Copy your result if you want, by clicking on the copy button.

There are several reasons behind the use of this tool and each one expresses a distinct feature of this tool.

Encodes/decodes characters in an instant:

Owing to its fast speed, you can use this tool when you want to work swiftly. This tool produces instant results, and it works in real-time, which means it encodes or decodes the characters by the time you have finished entering or uploading text in it.

Optimizes your work:

The efficiency of a tool is gauged from the question that how much it optimizes your work?

Optimization is the process of making your easy in all respects. It includes time management, less energy consumption, more productivity, better results, and cost-effectiveness.

Our tool comprises all features that are why is a remedy for all ills. It helps you encode/decode chars automatically thus prevents you from memorizing or searching the HTML entities each time you want to write a webpage.