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The ASCII to decimal converter enables you to convert the ASCII text into decimal numbers without memorizing the conversion table.
It tells the length of characters and displays the accurate decimal digits within a fraction of seconds.

How to use ASCII Converter?

To convert ASCII to decimal, follow the below guideline:

  1. Enter the ASCII Characters in the given input box.
  2. Click the “Convert” button.
  3. Select the output delimiter string.

Once you press the button, it will convert the given characters to their binary, hex, decimal, and base64 representatives. 

What is ASCII Text?

The American Standard Code for Information Interchange “ASCII” is the character encoding standard for electronic communication to transfer text.

It is based on 128 7-bit codes including 26 English Alphabets both in uppercase and lowercase.
ASCII characters also include numbers from zero to 9 and several punctuation marks.

What is Decimal Number System?

In a numbers system, the decimal numbers are called a base digit 10 number system.

Converting numbers into the base-10 number system is an easy method but it takes a lot of time.
Our decimal converter tool provides an easy option to convert the ASCII characters into decimal values in no time.

Decimal Converter Examples:

If you input the number “11 818 999”, the decimal output will be:

49 49 32 56 49 56 32 57 57 57

If you enter the number “11 818 999”, the base64 result will be:


Why use ASCII to Decimal converter?

The converter helps you to easily convert the given data into different number systems.
It further provides the following useful functions:

Characters Length

This utility tells the exact number of the written text on converting the data into decimal form.

ASCII to Binary Conversion

Apart from decimal conversion, it converts the ASCII letters into binary characters.

ASCII to Decimal Conversion

It quickly converts the input data into accurate decimal values in one click.

ASCII to Hex Conversion

This online converter also converts the input data into hex form and shows accurate results.

ASCII to Base64 Conversion

It quickly decodes the given input data and shows the output in base64 format.

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