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XML to JSON converter enables you to convert XML file to JSON file.
It converts the XML elements into the JSON keys within a fraction of seconds.

How to convert XML to JSON?

To convert XML code, follow the below easy steps:

  1. Write or paste XML code in the left input box.
  2. Click the Right Arrow button.

You can also convert your JSON code to XML by using our JSON to XML converter.

What are XML and JSON?

XML is an extensible markup language specially designed to store data.  It has no predefined tags and is a markup language just like HTML.

Whereas, JSON is the JavaScript Object Notation and is the lightweight format for storing and delivering data.

It is commonly used to read data from a web server and display it on a webpage.

How does this converter work?

Our free tool converts the XML data to its equivalent JSON format. If you enter the XML code, the XML attributes will be converted to the JSON keys with the prefix “-”.

XML Conversion Example:

If you enter the code in the XML input box, the converted JSON file will be:
The below rules will be applied while performing the XML conversion:

JSON Conversion Example:

If you enter the code in the JSON input box, the converted XML file will be:
 The below rules will be used while performing the JSON conversion:

Why use this converter?

This online converter is a completely free and easy-to-use tool to convert XML to JSON format and vice versa.
Along with these conversions, it provides the following features:

Get an Example

The online converter allows users to get a quick example of XML code.

Download Report

Once you have done with the desired conversion, this feature provides an option to share or save the converted code in the system.

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