Convert RGB color values to their corresponding HEX color values.

RGB to Hex converter:

An online tool that converts RGB color profile into Hex color profile. RGB stands for primary colors Red, Green, and Blue. These colors combine in different proportions to form a wide range of colors.

How to use it?

Our tool provides you an extensive framework for your use. It is a very simple you as you can easily create different colors in both formats.

Follow these steps:

  1. Set the color levels of your preference by sliding the knobs to and fro.
  2. You will see that as you move the knobs the color in the color preview changes.
  3. You can also set the level by specifying values from 0 to 255.
  4. Your required values appear on the left side under the Hex color code and RGB color code

You can also use our hex to RGB converter to transform your hex color profile to an RGB color profile.

What are HEX and RGB?

Both are different color profiles used in digital media such as computer screens. However, their modus operandi is different from each other. Before moving further, you should know that a single primary color has almost 256 shades; each shade can be identified by a human eye through photoreceptors.

RGB is the color combination used on screens in computers and mobiles. It contains an additive process where red, green, and blue color values are added to get a whole blend of colors.

As we know, these are the primary colors of light and can be witnessed in a rainbow mainly. So, their different proportions are added to get different colors. Studies have shown that a combination of these colors can produce more than 15 million colors. Let’s move towards some examples to understand this topic:

White color is represented in RGB as (225,225,225).

Black is represented as (00,00,00).

Other colors lie between (00,00,00) and (225,225,225).

Some applications of RGB include display screens, cameras, graphic designing, and scanning devices.

Apart from being a human-friendly number system to become easily convertible to binary, HEX has found some wonderful applications in colors representation.

It is used in HTML color specifications while designing a webpage. You might have seen the HEX color profile; a typical profile is shown below in case you don’t know the exact color notation.

It is denoted as #RRGGBB, where the # sign represents that code is written in HEX format.

It has a range between 00 to FF, while FF represents the max range, which is 256 for each primary one.

See the pictures below to understand further:

Black color is represented in HEX as #000000

Hex represents white color as #FFFFFF

 Other colors lie between both #FFFFFF and #000000.

Why do we use RGB to HEX converter?

This tool can be used to get the exact values of a color combination in the HEX color scheme. Suppose you are going to set up your website. You have completed your designing and now you want to give a colorful touch. But the problem is your favorite color combination is in RGB format. You can’t use it as it is in HTML, therefore you need a converter to convert those values in Hex.