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Convert decimal numbers to octal numbers.

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The decimal to octal converter enables you to convert decimal digits into octal numbers within a blink of an eye.
It shows the converted result in both octal and hexadecimal number system.

How to use this decimal to octal converter?

To use this converter, follow the below steps:

  1. Enter the decimal number in the above input box.
  2. Click the Convert button.

The converter will perform the octal conversion of the given decimal digits and shows the accurate octal numbers in no time.

Further, you can also use our octal to the decimal converter to convert the octal values into decimal values.

It further shows the hexadecimal numbers of the converted numbers at one click.

What is Decimal Number System?

The decimal system is the base-10 number system also known as the Hindu-Arabic numeral system.
It uses the number ten as its base therefore, it has 10 numbers including (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).

This number system requires a decimal point “.” to represent fractional values.

In the base-10 system, the number 243 represents the sum of:

(2×10)2 + (4×10)1 + (2×10)0

What is Octal Number System?

The octal number system uses the number 8 as its base. This means that the octal system uses the eight digits from numbers (0 to 7).

This number system helps to count binary digits in three groups and every octal digit represents three binary digits.

Here, every group has some specific values between 000 (0) and 111 (7).

How to convert decimal to octal?

You can convert decimal to octal with different methods either direct, direct or by using our converter.
To convert it manually, let's have a look at the below example:

Convert 82 into Octal Number System

Step 1: Convert the given number into either binary or hexadecimal form.

Binary Conversion:

(1011000)2 Binary Conversion

Step 2: Convert every group of three binary digits from the least significant binary number. 

(001 011 000)2

Step 3: Perform the calculations.

(001 011 000)2

(0×22 + 0×21 + 1×20) (0×22 + 1×21 + 1×20) (0×22 + 0×21 + 0×20)



The octal result of octal decimal number 82 is (130)8.

Decimal to Hexadecimal Conversion

Step 1: To convert the given number into the hexadecimal system, first, convert it into the binary system:

(1011000)2 Binary Conversion

Step 2: Convert each number of the converted number into the four bit of binary numbers.
(0101 1000)2

Step 3: Perform the calculations.

(0×23 + 1×22 + 0×21 + 1×20) (1×23 + 0×22 + 0×21 + 1×20)



The hexadecimal numbers of this decimal number 88 are (58)16.

You can also use hexadecimal to octal converter to convert hex numbers into the octal number system without any hurdle.

Decimal to Octal Conversion by using this Converter

Performing manual calculations takes a lot of time; you can easily convert the decimal digits into an octal number system simply by using our converter.

All you need to do is to enter the decimal values in the above input box and hit the convert button.
Our decimal to octal converter will convert the decimal numbers into octal and hexadecimal number
systems just within a single click.


If you enter the decimal number 88 into the input box of the converter, the output will be:

Octal Numbers: 130

Hexadecimal Numbers: 58
You can also clear all the input and output data simply by clicking the Reset button.