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Octal to Decimal Converter:


 It is an online number conversion tool that converts a given octal number into a decimal number automatically. It has an in-built calculator that performs arithmetic calculations in seconds.

How to use this tool?

Our Octal to Decimal Converter is a utility that makes your calculations easy and systematic.

Manual vs Tool conversion:

You can see that by using this tool we have converted an octal number 2348 into a decimal number.

It gave the result of 15610.

Now we will calculate manually and check the result of both.

How to convert octal numbers into decimal numbers manually?

Unlike using a converter, manual conversion is a hectic task as you have to perform a lot of calculations.

Consider an example:

We have an octal number: 2348

Now we have to convert it into decimal, we will multiply each digit by 8 while reducing the power of 8 according to the position of the number.

2348 = 2*82+3*81+4*80 = 2*64+24+4 = 128+24+4 = 156

15610 is our required decimal number.

As the result of both is the same, so we conclude that our tool is the best way to convert octal numbers into decimal because it saves your time.

Features of our tool:

There are some reasons why you should use this automated tool:

Free to use:

This tool is free for everyone, whoever wants to convert octal number to decimal can use this tool without any charges.

Gives sample option:

It is quite simple but if you are still confused, you can get a sample by clicking on the sample button placed on the upper right corner of the input box. The tool generates a sample number that can be tested easily.

Saves result:

Once you get your desired decimal number, you can utilize it wherever you want to, by using the Save option. You can also get your result copied by clicking on the copy button.

Gives swift results:

Our tool is designed with the latest technology so that it can facilitate you in your work. It gives fast results. Moreover, its results are precise and accurate. For your satisfaction, you can match its results with manual calculations.

Octal number system and its use:

Octal numbers are known as base-8 numbers comprising of 8 digits from 0-7. Each number has a weightage of 8 that implies that each preceding digit is eight times powerful than the previous one.

When converted to binary each octal number is represented in the form of three. For example, if we convert 348 into binary, we will write 0111002 in binary form. Because 38 = 0112 and 4­8 = 1002.

Octal numbers had been extensively used in computing till the advent of the hexadecimal number system. As you know, computers understand binary language, so octal numbers were an easy way to convert them into binary for it needs fewer calculations as compared to other number systems.

At a certain time, the CPU used 26 and 36 bits for calculations therefore it was easy for computers to use an octal number system.

In the aviation industry, these numbers are used to direct ground radars system about airplane identification and air pressure. Transponders use them as 4 digits octal numbers.

These 0 to 7 octal numbers are used for file permissions of your website hosted on pair networks in the Linux operating system.

Decimal number system and its use: 

The decimal number system is known as the base-10 number system comprising 10 digits starting from 0-9 successively.  Each digit has a significance of 10. People have been using these digits for a long time.

Fractions are denoted by points in this number system. Each position starts from left to right as units, tens hundreds, thousands, and so on.

We have been using the decimal number system from time immemorial. We can infer that it developed from its ease to count things such as we have ten fingers, so it was easy to do arithmetic.

In our daily life, we use decimal number systems in many ways such as currency, measurements, and many more.


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