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Binary Translator

Among all the numbering systems used by humans, the most broadly familiar one is the decimal number system, which utilizes ten's digits. 

It is about the system that we studied at school from a very young age and later helps us to do daily calculations every day.

As its name implies, binary is a digital system, which is characterized by using only two digits:

Since computers work with two different voltages, of course, internally, they are expressed in binary, with the number 0 indicating shutdown or prohibition, and the number 1 indicating startup or power-on.

One of the peculiar aspects of the binary system is that any numbers belonging to the decimal system can be represented by it.

How Binary number is produced?

In the binary system, there are several ways to represent a specific number which is in the decimal system. 

The most common method is to divide the number in question by 2, and then use the result to do the same operation. 

Therefore, we repeat this operation and write down the remainders until we get a result lower than the divisor. At this time, we have got its binary expression.

For example, the number is 43 and we want to convert it to binary system, we can do the following process:

43/2        result = 21, remainder = 1
21/2        result = 10, remainder = 1
10/2        result = 5, remainder = 0
5/2        result = 2, remainder = 1
2/2        result = 1, remainder = 0

So, 43 = 101011

Binary Translation tool

The binary translator is the tool that can convert your binary numbers to ASCII characters.

Each ASCII characters have a specific code, which can be collected from the ASCII table.
For example, ‘A’ has the ASCII code of 65, whereas ‘B’ and ‘C’ are assigned the code 66, and 67 respectively.

So, when you enter the binary code in the input provided by the tool, it can be translated to the characters.

How to use this tool?

o    ASCII

o    Unicode

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