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Convert binary numbers to decimal numbers.

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Binary to Decimal Converter

Binary to decimal converter is the tool that can easily convert your Binary code to a decimal number system.

The conversion system is easy to understand, but the manual implementation is quite complicated. 

This is why it is best and recommended to use our Binary to Decimal conversion calculator. 
By using this tool, you can save a lot of time in various calculations, thus avoiding some conversion errors.

How to use it?

  1. To use it, you only need to fill the input box with the binary number you want to convert in decimal. 
  2. Then click the 'Convert' button below. 
  3. The tool will start processing to transform the binary number system into the decimal number system.
  4. You will get the conversion numbers you need right away.'

You can also convert your decimal values to binary numbers by using our decimal to binary converter

Process of conversion

For example, you want to convert the binary number 10101100 to a decimal system.
Simply write the binary number from left to right.

1    0    1    0    1    1    0    0

After that, multiply each digit with the base number of binary (which is 2) and add the incremental power from right to left as shown below.

(1 × 27) + (0 × 26) + (1 × 25) + (0 × 24) + (1 × 23) + (1 × 22) + (0 × 21) + (0 × 20)

After calculating the complete expression, you will get the result.

The above expression after calculation will become 172.
So, the answer will be:

(10101100)10 = 172

However, if you do not want to do this whole process, you can simply paste the input in the input field and get the result as mentioned in the steps above.

This tool is very useful and practical in the research of mathematics and computer science because the course of study of these subjects is studied by using a variety of digital systems.

Now try the Binary to Decimal converter, and learn how to easily and automatically convert any Binary number into a Decimal number format!