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Convert text characters to their corresponding binary values.

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Text to Binary Converter

A text to binary converter is an online tool that converts your text into 0’s and 1’s (binary digits) automatically.

Why do we need a binary text converter?

As you know that computer performs instructions based on machine language which is understandable by computers but incomprehensible by humans. Machine language is essentially binary strings that are a stream of codes containing a combination of 0’s and 1’s.

Now the question arises, how we can feed instructions and understand machine language? The answer lies in the use of this tool. A text to binary converter helps us to interact with computers and other electronic devices because it converts the human-understandable text into computer-understandable binary strings.

How to use our tool?

It is a simple tool yet it performs complex calculations in seconds.

The tool consists of two textboxes; one is to input text data and the other is to display output. In the middle is a drop-down menu and a button “Text to Binary”.

Follow these steps mentioned below to use this tool:

  1. Input the text into the input box.
  2. Or upload your text data from your device.
  3. Select different spacing options from the drop-down menu                                                    
  4. lick on the “Text to Binary” button.
  5. You can copy your binary code by clicking on the copy button.
  6. Or you can download your results by clicking on the save button.

What are the reasons for using our tool?

Free to use:

This is an inclusive tool for all. It doesn't require any registration or charges. It is completely free to use and provides free access to everyone.

Provides a text sample:

Our tool provides a text sample for your convenience, in case you don’t know its use or you want to test it's precision and accuracy. You can click on the sample button in the upper left corner of the text.

Upload/ Download option:

Our text to binary converter is very user-friendly. While providing input, it gives you an option of uploading text from your system. Moreover, after getting the output you can easily download or save your binary code into your system by clicking on the save button. It optimizes your work to the maximum.

Provides instant results:

This tool provides fast results that can never be achieved manually because manual calculations require time and effort that is minimized to less than a second. Hence, our tool will save you precious time.

Gives accurate results:

Our tool’s conversion accuracy is 100%. Despite its swift speed, our tool produces precise results. You can cross-examine your manual calculations with its result to know their accuracy.

How to convert your text into binary digits from a table?

First of all, you should know that each alphabet is given a standard ASCII code. This ASCII code is the American Standard Code For Information Interchange.

Now we know that decimal numbers can be easily converted into binary by dividing the number by 2 successively. Here, the remainder left is called binary as it is in the form of 0’s and 1’s. The table below shows the letters corresponding to their binary strings.