W3C XPath evalutation online

Evaluate XPath expressions against XML data to extract information or verify structure.

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What is XPath?

XPath is a language related to the expression that enables the handling of the values conforming to the data model.

The name of this language comes from its most prominent attribute "path-expression", which provides a method for hierarchical addressing of the nodes in an XML tree. 

In addition to modeling the tree construction of XML, the data model also comprises:

  • atomic values
  • sequences
  • functional objects

This edition of XPath supports:

  • adds mappings
  • JSON and XML
  • arrays to the data model
  • supporting with new expressions in the language 
  • also supports new functions in XQuery and XPath Functions

The most important attributes of the XPath are Maps and Arrays handling.
W3C XPath evaluation
XPath expression evaluation is a great tool that checks the XPath expression against your XML.
This tool uses the JAVA API for XML Processing which provides us with a lot of useful XML handling elements.

How to use this tool?

To use this tool, add your XML code to the input box or just load examples from “get example XML”.
After adding XML, you can either click on the “Evaluate XPath” button to get the result or you can check your well-formed XML before evaluating.
When you are about to evaluate XPath, you can choose either of the return types.

  • String
  • Boolean
  • Node
  • Number
  • Nodeset

You can also save the result produced by XPath expression evaluation. And you can also use our W3C XML schema validation to validate your XML files

Purpose of XPath

The main purpose of XPath is to figure out the nodes of JavaScript Object Notation trees and XML trees. 
XPath gets its name because it utilizes a path symbol for navigating over the hierarchical structure of an XML code file. 
XPath also uses a non-XML and compact syntax, which makes it simpler to use XPath inside URIs and XML attribute values. 
XPath adds together a similar syntax for "sailing" through JSON trees.

XPath String Example

Here is how you input XML will be converted into string format after evaluating XPath.

    Hi! This is xpather beta...
        This web app enables you to query XML/HTML documents with your browser in real-time. It can generate queries for you too! 

This web app enables you to query XML/HTML documents with your browser in real-time. It can generate queries for you too!

The basic component of XPath is the expression, which is a series of characters. This expression language offers numerous expressions, which can be built from keywords, operands, and symbols. 
XPath permits expressions to be nested with utmost versatility.