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Format and indent XML data for improved readability and consistency.

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What is XML?

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a meta-language, which represents structured information on the web, so it can be stored and transmitted.

XML files usually contain any type of information, whether it is sensitive or any range of information. 
XML files are composed of tags, which provide us with data and information we want to deal with.

Usually, an XML file contains a large amount of information, which must be handled correctly by the user, especially by the developer. 

The bigger an XML file is; the more information it will bring.

XML Beautifier

This XML beautifier provides you the facility to format your XML code or query. This is a unique tool for formatting the XML and its use is also very simple.

How to use XML Beautifier?

Well, the use of an online XML Beautifier is not so difficult. You just have to paste your XML code which you have copied from the source.
After that, hit the “Beautify XML” button and it will do the rest.
The formatted output of the XML code will be in front of you in just a matter of seconds.

Advantages of XML

  • It can be read easily.
  • The documents written in XML format can be easily processed.
  • The structure of XML is easy to understand and allows you to distinguish between different parts of a document.
  • It facilitates information exchange between applications, regardless of the platform used.
  • It is very easy to update the documents when changing or adding labels in them.
  • By implementing the XML standard of code, the user can declare their own bookmarks.

XML Features

As we all know, the XML schema basically deals with a set of rules, which have been developed to allow larger data to be processed in a way that is easy for the computer and the programs to handle such data.

This is why it has been successfully implemented in various applications and services that deal with large amounts of information (such as a database).

The prominent feature of XML resides in its design, which has been focused from the start to make sure:

  • Performance excellency
  • Ease of use in web services 
  • Success in the field of large-scale electronic media publishing
  • Simplicity of implementation 

Another feature of XML documents is the complete separation of structure and design, which allows the data contained to be exported to other formats, such as HTML, PDF, RTF, etc. 

In addition, a basic function is the ability to share data between different systems and platforms, such as web pages and databases.