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Format and indent HTML code for improved readability and consistency.

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HTML Beautifier

HyperText Markup Language which is also called HTML is largely used by web developers.

This language is written completely with elements; these elements are made of: 

  • tags 
  • content 
  • attributes

Tags are used at the start and end of an element, the opening tag indicates the beginning of an element, and the closing tag indicates the end of that element.

Online HTML beautifier helps you format HTML data and make HTML look beautiful, easy to read, neat, and clean. 

This is a simple and easy method to format and optimize your HTML code and share it with others.

How to use it?

In order to beautify your code, copy it from the source file and paste it into the input field.
Then click on the Beautify HTML button and you will get the result in the form of beautiful and well-formatted HTML code.

Why should you use HTML Beautifier?

You can beautify your dirty-looking HTML code using this HTML Beautifier which can make your HTML code easy to read and more understandable. It provides the facility suitable indents and line breaks for HTML code.

Every collaborative project needs well-organized and readable source code. 

With logical structure, well organized, and good format, the code can speed up the search for errors, and help keep the code clean, minimized, and functional.

So, enjoy this free HTML beautifier to make your code look more interesting and easy to understand by anyone.