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URL Encoder/Decoder Online

The URL encoder decoder helps you to easily encode or decode unlimited URLs with advanced functions.
It provides an option to encode or decode a string of text and vice versa.

How does it work?

To check the working of the URL decoder encoder, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the URL or type a string of text in the input box.
  2. Select the desired button from the given options.

Once you select the desired option, the tool will instantly perform the selected function and shows accurate results.

What is URL encoding?

URL encoding refers to encode specific characters in a URL by replacing them with one or more character triplets.
The triplets consist of the percentage characters “%” followed by two unique hexadecimal digits.

Which characters are allowed in a URL?

The special characters allowed in the URL are:

The reserved characters are those characters that have some special meaning.
Whereas, the unreserved characters are simple and have no such meaning.

According to RFC 3986, the characters used in the URL must be taken from the defined set of reserved and unreserved ASCII characters.

Also, RFC 3986 doesn’t define which non-ASCII characters should be encoded from the encoding table.

Why use URL Encoder/Decoder Online?

Use this URL translator because it provides the following best functions:

Encode URL

This function encodes the string of text and shows accurate results.
If you encode “https://www.utilities-online.info/”, the output will be:


Decode URL

This function of our decoder decodes the output result within a fraction of seconds.
The decoding of the URL “https%3A//www.utilities-online.info/” will become:


Other Functions 

The tool provides some unique options to reverse encode or decode the output result. 

Share or Save File 

Once you are done with the character encoding, these features help you to share and save the file in .TXT format.

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