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Convert text characters to their corresponding ASCII codes.

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Text to ASCII Converter

It is an online tool that converts your text into ASCII code instantly.

What is ASCII?

It is American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It was first developed in the 1960s by ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

It was originally utilized as a standard transmission code for telegraphs and teletypewriters but later with the advent of computers, it became popular as the standard transmission code between different devices and as a code that helps to store text inside computers.

 Because a computer understands binary codes and ASCII are represented as 8 bits for a single character. Each character is converted into ASCII code inside the computer. And after conversion into ASCII, it becomes easy to convert it into binary to make it legible for a computer.

Typically, ASCII had only 128 characters representing only English Alphabets but later on, it was extended to 255 characters to add certain special characters.

Why do you need a Text to ASCII converter?

As already said, your text is stored in the form of these codes, so it is important to know how the text is written inside the computer. Therefore, it is an area of interest for programmers.

Moreover, some applications or devices do not support Unicode as input, so converting your complete text into ASCII will help you trace Unicode in it if the value of the number exceeds 225.

How to use our tool?

Generally, each tool on the internet has a distinct modus operandi, if you google text to ASCII converter, then you will see a plethora of such tools. Regarding its use, our tool is the simplest since it requires a few clicks to get your work done.

It possesses a simple interface as shown in the figure below:

  1. Input your text into the input box either by entering it or by upload through the upload option.
  2. You can also get a sample text by clicking on the sample button.
  3. Convert your text by clicking on the specified buttons. It provides two conversions options:
  • Text to ASCII
  • ASCII to Text
  1. Download your result by clicking on the Save button.

Some of the best features of our tool

Free of cost:

Cost does not impede its usage. In contrast to other similar tools, it does not ask you to register or subscribe to a payment plan before using it. It is a free-to-use tool and you can use it anytime.

Text uploading option:

It provides an option for you to upload text from your device, primarily to relieve you from writing text into the input box.

Two conversion options:

This tool is versatile because of its two conversion options. Interestingly, you can convert text to ASCII and vice versa in no time.

No Word Limit:

Particularly, this tool caters to the demands of volumes of text that you want to convert into corresponding ASCII. Hence, our tool has no word limit.

Save option:

Sometimes, you are not interested in using the results immediately. You can use our converter to get them saved on your device and retrieve those results whenever you want.