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Convert ASCII codes to their corresponding text characters.

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ASCII to Text Converter

The ASCII to text Converter help users to quickly convert ASCII codes to readable text.
It provides an option for users to instantly convert any ASCII code without referring to the conversion table.

How to use ASCII Converter?

To use it, follow the below guideline:

  1. Type or paste the ASCII characters in the input field.
  2. Click the “Convert” button.

Once you press the button, the ASCII code converter will find the equivalent of the given code and displays the accurate result.

You can also use our text to ASCII converter to transform your text into ASCII code.

What is ASCII?

ASCII stands for the American Standard Code for Information Interchange and it contains all the special characters with assigned codes.

It is a character encoding scheme and includes text that is recognized as the control characters used to control the appearance of text. 

There are 128 7-bit codes and they all are assigned to specific numbers starting from 0-127.
Computers only understand numbers and ASCII codes refer to characters that a computer system can easily understand.

Some common examples of characters are A, 0, etc. The numerical representation of characters ‘A’ is 65 and ‘z’ is 122.

Reasons to use ASCII Decoder

The following factors make this converter a better option to convert binary characters into text form.

Easy and Easy Features

Being a user, you don’t have to go through any drop-down menus to translate a wide range of characters.

Simply input characters in the input box and the ASCII translator will instantly convert them into the textual form.

It further provides an option to reset the output result with one click.

Completely Free Usage

Our tool is free to use for all purposes. There is no registration or signup process is required to use it.