Octal to Hexadecimal Converter

Convert octal numbers to hexadecimal numbers.

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Octal to Hexa Decimal converter:

An online tool takes converts your given octal number into its corresponding hexadecimal number instantly. It does your calculations automatically in a second.

How to use our converter?

  1. Enter the octal number that you want to convert into the input box.
  2. Or upload the number through the upload button.
  3. Click on the “Octal to Hex” button in the middle of the two boxes.
  4. Get your result from the output box.
  5. You can also download the result by clicking on the download button.

You can also use our hexadecimal to octal converter to transform your hexadecimal numbers in to octal.

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Salient features of this tool:

Free of cost:

Unlike other calculators on the internet, our tool does not require any payment options or registrations. You need not provide any credit card number or sign-up credentials. Your identity is kept private.

Time saver:

You may have noticed that manual calculations require a lot of time, whereas our tool provides instant solutions to your conversion. It saves time that you can utilize in other tasks.

Provides a sample:

On the internet, not every tool provides current results, therefore to cope with this issue we have provided you a sample option that you can use to test the correctness of this tool. A sample also helps you know understand the working of this tool if you are confused about its use.

Result saving option:

Once you are done with the conversion, you can use the save option to get your results saved on the local memory. Moreover, you can get a copy of your result by clicking on the copy button.

What are different types of number systems?

There are four common types of number systems.

  1. Binary Number System
  2. Decimal Number System
  3. Octal Number System
  4. Hexa Decimal Number System

Binary Number System:

It is the number system containing two numbers that are 0 and 1. Therefore, its base is 2. Machine language is denoted by these two numbers. Therefore, the computer understands these zeros and ones.

Decimal Number System:

The decimal number system comprises 10 numbers and each number is 10 times significant than the other one. Numbers from 0 to 9 are decimal numbers moreover, we also consider decimal points in it that denote fractions. These numbers are still used by us, as they are easy for calculations. We use them in daily life calculations and measurements.

Octal number system:

As the name suggests, Octal is derived from the Latin word octa which means eight. Therefore, it contains 8 numbers starting from 0 to 7. There were extensively used in computers before the arrival of hexadecimal numbers because we can easily divide them into binary numbers. Now computers use 32-bit and 64-bit that’s why hexadecimal numbers are fit for calculations.

Hexadecimal number system:

This system contains 16 numbers. Starting from 0 to 9 and A to F. They are used in computers as identification of colors in HTML and location of MAC addresses on the internet.