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Convert text from lowercase to uppercase letters.

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Lower case to upper case text converter


A lower case to upper case converter is a tool that changes your specified lower case text into upper case automatically.

How to use our case converter?

Our case converter is a very efficient tool that focuses on each lower case character irrespective of the case. It implies that it will not change any upper case character present in your text. It only converts lower case characters into upper case.

For example: If you write: “ thIS is THE best lower case to upper case TOOL.”


You can use this tool in the following steps.

  1. Copy the text and paste it into the text box.
  2. You can also upload the text whose case you want to change.
  3. After entering the text, click on the “Convert” button.
  4. Your case will change immediately.

Why you should use our tool?

There are a few convincing reasons to use our upper case to lower case converter.

No charges:

It is inexpensive and cost-less. You don’t have to register to use this tool. It does require any charges.

Fast and efficient:

Your converted case is just a click away from you. As soon as you enter your text and click on the convert button you will get your result in a blink of an eye.

Download option:

Our upper case to lower case converter gives you an option to get a downloadable file of your text when you have completed your work. In this way, it saves your time of copy-pasting the converted case text.

Sample option:

This tool gives you a testing option. You can use it to test whether this tool is working or not. However, sometimes, people also know how it works, so by giving a sample they can check the working of this tool easily.

No Word Limit:

You can use this tool to convert the case of your text that can be as small as a single word or as large as a complete document. Regardless, of the amount of text, this tool works with efficacy.

Protects your data:

Our website is SSL certified and protected from malicious software. You can use this tool to safely convert the lower case to the upper case of your text.

Uses of the lower case to upper case converter:

  • you can use this tool to create proper headings of your text whenever you write a document.
  • This tool can also be used to highlight an important text by capitalizing on the text. It highlights your attention-seeking lines.