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Format and indent JavaScript code for improved readability and consistency.

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JavaScript is used for different client-side functions like adding or removing tags, modifying elements, changing page styles, information about user’s actions on a page, and many more.

The main benefit of JavaScript is that in order to use it, you do not have to install any additional software, which means it can run without third-party involvement.

JS Code Beautifier

Our JS beautifier will reformat and re-indent your ugly-looking JavaScript source code.
Beautifying JavaScript means that your source code is reformatted in such a way that it looks well organized and well structured.

It is important, because, the large project consists of the bulk of JS coding. And sometimes, programmers forget the formatting of the code and focus on just logic building.

That is where our JS Beautifier will help you not to worry about the indentation and formatting of your code.

Use our JS beautifier and save your time; that is how you can focus more and more on logic and functionality.

How to use it?

The use of this tool is quite simple:

1.    Copy the code from your source JS file.
2.    Paste it into the input field given by our JS Beautifier tool.
3.    Click on the ‘JS Beautifier’ button and enjoy the formatted JS code.

You can also use our CSS and HTML beautifier to format your HTML and CSS codes.

Example Program

In the following example, we will tell you how your ugly-looking JS code will be transformed into well-structured code.


function toCelsius(fahrenheit) {return (5 / 9) * (fahrenheit - 32);} document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = toCelsius;


function toCelsius(fahrenheit) {
    return (5 / 9) * (fahrenheit - 32);
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = toCelsius;

You can see the result generated by our tool looks more readable and understandable.