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Summarize large amounts of text into shorter, more manageable sections.

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Summarizing Tool

An online tool based on AI that reduces your article to a specific length in such a way that it contains all essential points. Your summarized content looks like a microscopic version of your lengthy article.

A standard definition of a summary:

“a short statement that gives only the main points of something, not the details.”(Oxford Learners Dictionaries)

How to use our summarizing tool?

It is a very simple yet efficient tool that works on built-in AI algorithms and transforms your text in seconds. The interface is quite simple containing two text boxes for input and output respectively.

Perform these steps to get a summary of your text:

  1. Enter the text you want to summarize in the input box.
  2. Paste the text into the input box.
  3. Upload the text from the local drive into the summarizing tool.
  4. Use can also select advanced options for better summarization:
  • Summary length.
  • Show Bullets.
  • Best Line.
  • Ranked Base.

What are the features of summarizing tool?

  1. Click on the “Summarize Now” button to get a summary.

Free tool:

This tool takes care of your summarizing issues for free. Most of the summarizers come with a premium package, yet our tool does not need any subscription. Anyone can get benefit from this tool.

Content upload option:

Our summary generator provides you an option to upload your content whether it’s a book excerpt, a research thesis, or any type of article from your local drive.

No Word Limit:

Our tool doesn’t restrict you from summarizing bulk articles as this tool caters to your content summarizing demands. It has no word limit. Now you can create a summary of your text containing several thousand words easily.

Customize summary length:

Every person has different demands of summary length owing to different needs. So, our tool helps you to set summary length according to your requirements.

Shows Bullet points:

You can generate bullet points of your text by using this summarizing tool. It helps you create a wonderful presentation because it skims the gist of your text into bullet form.

Gives text ranking:

This feature helps you analyze text by a score ranging from 0-1000. 0 is the worst score in the ranking and 1000 is the highest score. You will know the composition and meaning of your text by using this tool.

Gives Best line:

Every line of your text conveys meaning but the best one is more vocal and near to perfect. If you are interested in knowing your best line, you can use our tool.

Save option:

Once you have summarized your text, you can save it on your computer’s hard disk. This summarizer consists of a saving option that you can use to download your summary.

Who can use our text summarizer:

Summarizing a text is an integral part of any writing work. Therefore, this summarizing tool is designed to cater to the needs of people belonging to various professions.


Students need to create summaries given by their teachers as assignments. Furthermore, to grasp difficult concepts they need to make their short notes. Summarizing tool helps them to cope with these challenging needs and in turn, saves their time.

Content writers:

Whether you write blog posts or guest posts, you need a summarizing tool to extract useful information from different sources and incorporate it into your content. Moreover, it has become very challenging for writers to write unique introductions and conclusions, a summarizing tool can help them create enticing paragraphs.


Every second a new incident happens in the world and journalists provide swift information in the form of headlines. Most people only read headlines to stay abreast with current affairs. However, writing attractive headlines replete with meanings is a herculean task for a journalist. Therefore, they use this online text summarizer to create headlines and short stories.