Password Generator

Generate secure, random passwords with customizable length and character options.

Password Generator

It is one of the best online tools that generate strong passwords for you. If you can’t figure out a strong password, then this tool can help you create unique, random passwords with just a click.

How to use it?

Our tool comes with a variety of options to create strong passwords of your choice.

A simple interface of this password generator is shown in the picture below:

  1. Select the length of your password by clicking on the password length drop-down menu.
  2. Tick-mark all options to generate strong passwords:
  • String letters
  • Capital letters
  • Digits
  • Special characters
  1. Click on the generate password button located in the upper left corner.
  2. Copy the password by clicking on the copy button and use it wherever you want.

Salient Features of our tool:

If you google strong password generator, you can come up with different options, but you never know which one best suits you, as each tool has different features. Nevertheless, our tool contains all the important features that can help you in this matter.

Free to use:

Our password generator allows free access to everyone. However, it is a very vital tool pertaining to its applications.

Strong password generation options:

It provides you highly customized options and allows you to generate random passwords of your choice. It gives the following custom options.

  • Password Length
  • Strings
  • Capital letters
  • Digits
  • Special Characters

A strong password is a combination of all these options.

Swift password generator:

This tool is very fast and efficient. It creates passwords in a blink of an eye, as you need not wait for processing time.

Multiple Results:

One of the efficient uses of this tool is that it provides different results by clicking on the “Generate Password” button each time. Moreover, some results may be hard to memorize as you need an easy-to-remember password for your accounts so, this tool can generate some easy passwords. By clicking repeatedly, you can create a password of your choice easily.

Why do you need a strong password?

Owing to the ominous threats of cyber-attacks, a need to create strong passwords is growing day by day.

Internet is replete with malicious codes, developed by hackers, ready to infiltrate your system. According to cisco, cyber-attacks are” aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes.”

There are several types of cyber threats, equally hazardous in upsetting your system.

  1. Phishing
  2. Ransomware
  3. Malware
  4. Social engineering

What precautions you should take to create strong passwords?

  1. Use a password with more than 8 characters containing at least a number, a special character, an uppercase, and a lowercase letter.
  2. Do not use any name associated with you directly or indirectly (names, addresses, pet names, etc.)
  3. Do not use similar a password for your multiple accounts.
  4. Update your passwords regularly.
  5. Do not send information to others through HTTP or FTP, rather use an encrypted connection.
  6. Install latest security updates of your operating systems.
  7. Do not store passwords on your cloud drives.
  8. Examples of strong passwords: 0C+Ar4gRS4hK1t5k, WAsH8UOA73D!8LFx, WK*9k?LaU66r]SZN