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My IP address quickly fetches the accurate IP address provided by your internet service provider.
IP is the “Internet Protocol” that consists of unique numbers specially assigned to you by your internet provider.

How “What's my IP” works?

It doesn’t require anything special to loop up for your IP location. Simply visit our site and select “MY IP ADDRESS”.
Once you open the tool, it will automatically display your IP location in no time.

What is an IP Address?

The internet protocol “IP” is a unique address assigned to every electronic device including computer, tablet, and mobile phone.

IP is responsible for establishing secure communication in most of the networks.

IPs can be described as an identifier and in a common household setup where users may have multiple devices connected to one internet connection.
In this case, all the connected devices would have the same public IP address location.

Why IP Addresses are important?

IP Addresses provide the below two key purposes:

•    They’re used for interface identification for a network of devices in a specific geographical location.
•    They allow computers to smoothly connect with other networks to easily send or receive information.

What are the IPv4 and IPv6 IP Addresses?

There are two versions of IP Addresses, Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) and IP version 6 (IPv6).
The IPv4 is based on 32 binary bits and consists of four unique numbers from 0 to 255. 

Currently, multiple internet service providers still use this version and it is represented as

Whereas, IPv6 addresses consist of 8 blocks of unique numbers and each block contains four hexadecimal digits and separated by the colons.

It is represented as, 


Types of the IP Addresses

There are two types of IP Addresses, Private and Public.

Private IP Addresses are static in nature and it is the address of the device connected to the home or other business network.
These addresses are not unique and they can’t be accessed from devices outside of your home network.

Public IP Address is the main IP to which your business network is connected. 
It is dynamic in nature which means it is changeable and is thus temporary.