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Remove unnecessary characters and whitespace from JavaScript code to reduce file size and improve loading times.

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Minify JS

JavaScript is the programming language that is responsible for providing more interactivity and vitality for web pages. 

When JavaScript is run in the browser, no compiler is needed. The browser can read the code directly, without a third party.
Therefore, it, together with HTML and CSS, is recognized as one of the three native languages of the web.

Minify JS

Minify, also known as minimizing, is the method of deleting all needless elements from JS source files without modifying their functionality.

This comprises the elimination of whitespaces, comments, and semicolons. The Minifying JS code results in compact file size.

How to use Minify JS?

  • To use our Minify JS tool, copy the code from the source file and paste it into the input box.
  • You can also upload a JavaScript source code file directly.
  • After pasting or uploading your code, click on the Minify JS button.
  • If you want to try another code, click on the reset button and everything will be reset.
  • Copy the result generated by our Minify JS tool and paste it back into the source file.

The size of your JS source file will be reduced which will definitely affect the loading speed of your webpage.

Example of Minify JS

Here is a little example of Minifying JS code:


// This function takes in name as a parameter 
// and logs a string which greets that name 
// using the information passed 
function sayHi (name) {
console.log ("Hi" + name + ", nice to meet you.")



function sayHi(name){console.log("Hi"+name+", nice to meet you.")}