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Extract text from images using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.



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Definition: picture to text:

It is a smart online tool based on OCR technology that extracts text from an image to make it editable. It can be used to get an electronic form or soft copy of your data from its hard form or image so, that it can be accessible.

Background of OCR:

It stands for Optical Character Recognition. Its history is as old as the history of AI, starting from its innovation with telegraphy.

During WW1, Goldberg developed a machine that could convert characters into telegraphic code. Later, he developed his document retrieval machine.

Kurzweil, in the 1970s, invented the machine that could read, scan, and process text containing any type of font. Therefore, it was named Omni font due to the work it did.

Nowadays, OCR is available in the cloud system, also you can get commercial tools and gadgets related to this technology. In addition, different SaaS companies are providing APIs of this tool on the internet.

How to use this image to text converter tool?

This tool is very simple to use. It does not require a specific skill to use it, that’s why anyone can use it with ease.

  1. Upload files into the tool by clicking on the upload option.
  2. You can also copy-paste your image into the tool.
  3. There is another option available, you can also paste the URL of the image.
  4. After providing the image to the tool, click on the “Convert Image to Text” button.
  5. Your extracted text will be shown below.

You can also use our text to image converter to transform your ordinary text into images.

Features of our picture to text converter:

Costless tool:

We do not demand any charges for this tool. It is designed to assist people in their work regardless of any benefit in terms of subscription or registration. It is free of cost. You can use it anytime by just opening the website.

Fast tool:

This picture to text tool has very fast algorithms that give immediate results because we know that people don’t have much time to wait. You can get instant results in a matter of seconds.

Suitable for all image types:

As far as its compatibility is concerned, you can use it with all image extensions without any issue. Some of the image files are given: .gif, .png, .bmp, .jpg ,etc.

Reliable and safe:

You may be concerned about the veracity of tools available on the internet. Your concern is valid as not all tools are reliable because numerous hackers and phishing sites are continuously trying to get access to people’s systems. Nevertheless, our image-to-text tool is very reliable owing to the SSL certificate our site has. So, you don’t need to be wary of security threats while using this tool.

Supports different languages:

It has a large language dictionary installed in its algorithms so that you can use this versatile tool in different language formats.

Comprehends Mathematical expressions:

This tool can be your best companion while dealing with scientific notations and algebraic expressions.

Uses of Image to text tool:

Assists in notes making:

If you are a student who finds difficulty in making lengthy notes, then don’t worry because this tool can provide the best solution to your problem. You can now scan your friend’s assignments and books to prepare notes and assignments in soft copy. Moreover, you can now use this tool to extract scientific and research-related text from images and pdfs.

Increases business efficiency:

You can transform your business efficiency but making electronic financial records and automating your business. This will help you optimize your business exponentially.

Recreate Image text:

While surfing through social media or any other internet platform you may come across certain pictures that inspire you or give you an idea to recreate something like that but you can’t copy it because it may cause copyrights problems. That’s, why you can use this tool to extract text from pictures that can be edited and reused in some other design without any problem.