XSL-FO (Formatting Objects) online transformations

In this page you can convert XML-FO file in PDF. The library used in this page is Apache FOP 1.0

You can convert direct a FO file to PDF using the form below:

FO XMLget FO example

    (with Unofficial FOP Schema)    

XSL-FO (Formatting Objects) online transformations tool

It is an online tool that transforms your XML into XSL-FO format and ultimately converts it into a PDF file.

How does our transformation tool work?

XSL_FO belongs to Extensible Style Language that transforms XML code just like CSS styles HTML, yet its syntax is different from CSS.

However, the main goal of using XSL-FO is to give your XML data the correct format so that it appears exactly as formatted in printed form or other human-readable forms.

To transform XML, we use XSL transformation or XSLT. This transformed file is called XSL-FO. At this stage, your file is ready to be converted into readable text. A pictorial representation can squeeze a great deal of your confusion.

XML Source image

This picture represents how you can convert your XML file into the correct format in document form.

First, the XML file is transformed with the XSLT stylesheet. After nodes creating, the file is converted into formatting objects or XSL-FO. This XSL_FO is then treating with the formatting tool, which reads the formatting rules, and the file is converted into PDF according to the format.

How to use this tool?

Before pouncing upon the method, first, you should be familiar with the interface. Two equal size boxes, covering your screen, are specified to get your XML and XSL-FO code. Then, another box is given below where you can place your transformed FO file.

While keeping the user in mind, this tool is made specially to provide convenience to the user. You can convert your XML code into PDF easily by following these steps:

There are two methods developed for your convenience:

Conventional Method:

Transform image

Direct Method:

Use can use our direct method by simply entering your XSL-FO in the box below and click on the “Transform to PDF” button.

Pdf button image

Nonetheless, in both methods, the outcome is a well-formatted pdf document that you can read easily and even get a print of it if you want.

Why do you need our XSL-FO (Formatting Objects) online transformations tool?

Over the years W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is striving to develop different standards of data representation for our ease. Developing XSL was also an effort in this race.

Most of the time. You need a printed version of your web data. You cannot take a screenshot of your information because it is unprofessional also not feasible to be easily represented on paper or portable disk format.

Working with different organizations, you direly need to get such readable manuals of your information for different purposes. Hence, our tool comes to your rescue. You can easily get your web’s extensible markup language or XML format and convert it into pdf documents or other readable formats easily.

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