Convert Unix Epoch time (seconds since 1970-01-01) to human-readable date and time formats.

Unix Epoch Time Converter

The Epoch time converter help users to convert an epoch time into the human-readable date and vice versa. 
It provides an option to convert the date and time in the accurate epoch timestamps in real-time.

How to use it?

To use this time conversion tool, follow the below guideline:

  1. Select the date format.
  2. Enter the Unix epoch to convert it into a readable date.
  3. Enter the exact date to find the accurate Unix time in milliseconds.
  4. Type the values i.e. days, hours, minutes, and seconds to check current Epoch time.
  5. Enter the number of seconds to convert them to the readable time format.

What is Epoch Time?

The Unix epoch is the number of seconds that have elapsed since January 1st, 1970 (UTC/GMT).
It doesn’t count the leap seconds and increases by 86400 seconds per day by adjusting them.

It is normally used by computer systems to track current time and other data information in both dynamic and distributed apps.

Human Readable TimeSeconds
1 Hour3600 Seconds
1 Day86400 Seconds
1 Week604800 Seconds
1 Month (30.44 Days)2629743 Seconds
1 Year (365.24)31556926 Seconds

Uses of using Epoch Time Converter

Some of the main advantages of using our Unix converter are:

  • Timestamps in PHP and MySQL facilitate the manipulation of PHP and MySQL.
  • The converter is used to represent a wide range of date-times.
  • Converting normal data to Unix time stamps helps ensure platform compatibility.
  • The epoch timestamps are used by computer systems to quickly sort and track the dated information in the distributed apps.