Temporary free email service

Temporary free email service

Temporary Free Email Service

It is an online free email service that provides free email addresses that are perished after some time. There are also referred to as temp mail, fake mail or throwaway email, etc.

How to use our free email service?

This email-providing service is very easy to use and efficient. You do not have to perform any steps and procedures to get a fake email for you. Because this service is working 24/7 in a real-time environment.

Why do you need a temporary email service?

  • Click on the copy button to get your temporary email copied on the clipboard.
  • You can get the emails until the website is opened.
  • By refreshing, you will get all of your emails at once.

There is a multitude of benefits of using a temporary email service and some of them are discussed below.

Keeps your privacy:

Our fake email service takes care of your privacy. Using a regular email service, you need to get yourself registered first. For that matter, you need to give credentials including your phone number. Hence, you are notified by the system And your identity becomes clear.

 In contrast, a temp email service like ours keeps your identity anonymous because in the first place you don’t provide any credentials about yourself. Moreover, the emails automatically vanish after some time, as they are not saved like a conventional email. Besides, these email addresses also dispose of completely after an instance.

Avoids spam emails:

Nowadays, emails have become a wonderful tool to sell things online. Digital marketers are using these tools to send offers and products details to the users that once subscribed to their services. This helps the consumers to know the upcoming offers yet, it can also be very annoying.

Spam messages can often cause pain especially when they come in dozens every day. Therefore, people have to shift to other alternatives such as a disposable email service. Our temporary email serviced helps you to completely avoid spam messaging it provides a temporary email that perishes after some time. Hence, there is no trackable data left for spam emails to reach your inbox.