Online Text Editor

Edit plain text files online with basic formatting and editing tools.

Edit pad

An Edit pad is a plain text editor that helps you create and edit documents online.

How to use our online edit pad?

 It’s your office/home assistant for your content writing issues. You can use our editor to write documents seamlessly and smoothly.

What are the features of our edit pad?

  1. Open the editor by clicking on this link.
  2. Start writing your text without any ado.
  3. Once your work is completed, save it in DOC or PDF form.

Free to use:

We have designed this online text editor to help you write text smoothly without any hindrance. This tool does not require any registration process as don’t need to pay any charges for this tool.

No installation required:

As the name implies, it's an online tool and doesn’t need any installation for its use. Most of the general editors require an installation process but this tool is instantly available as you can open the website and start your work in no time.

ToolBar option:

Our online edit pad gives you an experience of using conventional word processing software such as MS-Word. It contains a toolbar that has different editing and formatting options. Usually, these tools are not available in other online text editors but we have a wide range of tools to optimize your content. It includes edit options like undo, redo, insert table, etc, and several formatting options.

Grammar checker:

While writing a document, you feel the need for a proofreader that can check peculiar mistakes or errors in your text. Unfortunately, offline editors do not come with offline grammatical error-checking tools as they left most of the mistakes unchecked. But our tool contains one of the most demanding features that is an auto-correct grammar checker that points out your grammatical mistakes. In this way, you can make your document error-free.

File Saving option:

Once a document is written, you need to save it for future use. Our tool brings a versatile option in which you can save your file in more than one format. You can either save it in DOC file format so that you can edit it later or you can save it in PDF file format, which is essentially used to send the file to other users without being modified. Now you can write a text and click on save as PDF or save as DOC to get it saved on your drive.

Word Counter:

It brings a word counter for you that helps you to keep track of your words whilst writing your text. Sometimes, you are given a word count to write a document and to complete your text within the given limit. This feature will help you make your content pertinent to the given word count.

Who can use our online word processing tool?

Its use is spawned over various fields and can be used by all of them alike.


Being a student, you better know the importance of a text editor. Students have to write assignments regularly therefore they need a writing assistant that takes care of their text grammar mistakes. Because if their text contains mistakes then generally their work is not accepted by the teachers. Students can, therefore, use this tool through their laptops or desktops to make better assignments.


Research papers are published internationally as they contain valuable information about a certain scientific discipline. Researchers write theses and research papers after acute analysis of data and results. Their hard work is good for nothing if it contains grammatical mistakes. This tool helps them remove any grammatical errors.


Teachers are often associated with writing work as they have to produce exams, notes, and other written resources. This tool comes in handy for them to create that kind of stuff easily.

Comparison with other online editors:

Our online edit pad offers a comprehensive range of features compared to other online text editors such as While both are advanced notepads that provide a seamless writing experience, our edit pad includes a built-in grammar checker and additional file-saving options.