Extract Embedded Text from Images: Top 10 OCR Tools

The top OCR software helps you turn your paper documents into digital PDF files. Best PDF editors frequently have it, even the free ones. It's simpler to manage all of your paperwork when you use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan documents and invoices into digital formats. We've found that a lot of OCR software works nicely with cloud storage providers for additional security and backup. It's rather useful, however, we needed to know which OCR programme is the best because there are so many alternatives available. So we put them to the test. We examined factors such as ease of use, speed of operation, and additional capabilities like simultaneous scanning of numerous documents.

Top 10 OCR Tools

  1. OnlineOCR: Basic converting functions are provided by OnlineOCR, which extract text from images and present it in a TXT file format that may be downloaded. It works well for managing straightforward photos with readable text and is perfect for rapid, infrequent conversions.
  2. Picture-to-Text Converter: With state-of-the-art OCR technology, this real-time converter can handle a greater variety of picture formats. It works similarly to OnlineOCR in that it lets you upload photos from your computer or cloud storage and extract text from images to produce a TXT file that can be downloaded. Image Text extractor boasts slightly more advanced features compared to OnlineOCR, including the ability to select specific image areas for text extraction and offering a few additional output language options.

  3. Free Online OCR: This versatile online converter goes beyond just images, supporting various document formats like PDFs and scans for text extraction. It offers basic conversion functionalities with multilingual OCR capabilities, allowing you to specify the language of the text within the image for accurate extraction. For customers who need to handle text in several languages and don't need extensive functionality, Free Online OCR is a viable option.
  4. ABBYY FineReader Online: In addition to its desktop programme, ABBYY FineReader, which is well-known for having OCR accuracy that leads the industry, also has a robust online version. Its full power may be accessed through subscription plans, however its free trial offers restricted conversions. This online tool supports various image formats and boasts advanced features like layout preservation attempts during conversion, the ability to define output formats (DOCX, XLSX, etc.), and multilingual OCR. For customers who need a greater variety of features and outstanding accuracy whether processing intricate photos or extracting text in many languages, ABBYY FineReader Online is the perfect choice.
  5. CardScanner: With a focus on business cards and receipts, CardScanner is an excellent tool for extracting text from photos and turning it into editable contact details. Its too simple, the cardscanner.co OCR converter takes pictures of receipts, invoices, or any digital photo and uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to reliably extract the embedded textual information. The free version allows a limited number of scans, while pro plans come with extended versions regarding features and files limit. CardScanner is a perfect solution for professionals who regularly network and need to efficiently manage textual information.
  6. NewOCR: NewOCR provides a user-friendly online platform to extract text from images. The free version allows a limited number of conversions with basic functionality. Upgrading unlocks batch processing, higher conversion limits, password protection removal for scanned documents (paid plans only), and the ability to convert extracted text to various output formats like DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX. NewOCR stands out for its focus on accuracy and offers additional features like table detection and recognition within images.
  7. Free Online OCR: This online image text extractor supports various image formats and offers basic text extraction functionalities. It boasts a straightforward interface and allows uploading images directly from your device or cloud storage. Free Online OCR excels in handling simple images with clear text and is a good choice for quick, occasional conversions where user-friendliness is a priority.
  8. Text Fairy: This online OCR tool caters to users who require mobile accessibility to extract text from images. Text Fairy offers a free web app and a paid mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. It supports various image formats and delivers the extracted text in a downloadable TXT file format. Features like cloud storage integration and batch processing are only available by upgrading to the premium mobile app. For people who need to quickly extract text from images on their smartphones or tablets, Text Fairy is a practical solution.
  9. TheOnlineConverter: An OCR converter for text extraction from photos is one of the many conversion tools available on this adaptable web platform. It supports many image formats and allows you to choose the OCR engine to be used to turn images into text (with numerous alternatives available). The theonlineconverter provides basic conversion functionalities with the extracted text presented in a TXT file. This tool is a good choice for users who want some flexibility in choosing the OCR engine for their specific needs.
  10. Its PDF: This user-friendly platform offers a free online OCR tool alongside a paid subscription with advanced features. The free version allows to convert image to text with limitations on file size and many conversions. The ability to convert extracted text to DOCX and other editable formats, and additional functionalities within their paid PDF editing suite. itspdf caters to casual users who occasionally need to convert image to text, with the option to upgrade for more demanding tasks.


By exploring these options alongside previously mentioned tools, you can identify the ideal online image text extractor that aligns perfectly with the complexity of your images, desired output formats, and the importance of features like mobile accessibility or batch processing. Remember, the best online OCR tool caters to your specific workflow and text extraction requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I have a photo of a handwritten note. Can OCR tools read my handwriting?

Most free online OCR tools struggle with handwritten text. However, some paid OCR software boasts advanced features specifically designed for improved handwriting recognition. The quality of the handwriting and the complexity of the script will also impact accuracy.

  1. Is it safe to upload my documents to online OCR tools?

Security practices vary between online OCR tools. For confidential documents, prioritize tools with strong security measures like encryption and clear privacy policies. Consider using a paid tool with a reputable company if security is a major concern.

  1. I need to extract text from multiple images regularly. What's the best option?

Free online OCR tools often limit the number of conversions. For frequent use and batch processing capabilities, explore paid online OCR subscriptions or desktop OCR software. These offer higher conversion limits and can handle larger workloads more efficiently.

  1. Can I convert PDFs to text using OCR tools?

Yes! While some online OCR tools focus on images, many also handle PDFs. These tools essentially perform OCR on the scanned images within the PDF to extract editable text. There are also dedicated PDF to text converters that might offer more features specifically designed for working with PDFs.

  1. What are some free OCR options for occasional use?

Several free online OCR tools offer basic text extraction functionalities. These are suitable for occasional conversions of simple images with clear text, like screenshots or product manuals. Popular options include OnlineOCR, Free Online OCR, and I Love PDF (free version).

  1. I need to extract text from different languages. What should I look for?

Many OCR tools offer multilingual OCR capabilities. When choosing a tool, ensure it supports the languages you require for accurate text extraction. Free online OCR tools might have limited language options, while paid options often provide broader language support.

  1. The extracted text has errors. How can I improve accuracy?

OCR accuracy depends on factors like image quality and complexity. Ensure you're using a high-resolution image with clear text. Some tools allow selecting specific image areas for OCR, which can improve results for complex layouts. Always proofread the extracted text to identify and correct any errors.