Exploring the Untamed Creativity of Dolphin Mistral Uncensored Model on IQChat

Mistral 7B Dolphin is a special AI. Unlike others, it's not restricted. It can help you write stories, chat, and play pretend.

So, get ready to explore the world of stories, chat, and pretend with Mistral 7B Dolphin on IQChat APP. Let your imagination run wild and create amazing stories, chat with your new AI friend, and have fun playing pretend.

What is Dolphin 2.1 Mistral 7B?

 Mistral 7B Dolphin is a special AI that can help you with various creative tasks, such as writing stories, engaging in natural conversations, and enhancing your role-playing experiences. Unlike other AI tools, Mistral 7B Dolphin is uncensored, which means it can explore the depths of your imagination without restrictions.

You can use Mistral 7B Dolphin on IQChat App, where you can unleash your creativity and explore the uncharted territories of language. With Mistral 7B Dolphin, you can write any story you want, chat with it, and even pretend to be different characters. The possibilities are endless, and your imagination is the only limit.

Welcome to the playground of the imagination with Dolphin 2.1 Mistral 7B:

Picture yourself battling with a creative block. Mistral 7B sweeps in to infuse vigour into your stories, spinning enthralling yarns and poetry that touch the very core of your being.

Penning for the screen or the page:

Whether it's crafting clever screenplays or heart-touching verse, Mistral 7B gets the subtle complexity of language, knitting narratives and lyrics filled with sentiment and significance.

A shape-shifter of genres:

Mistral 7B flips effortlessly among a variety of writing modes, inviting you to plunge into new imaginative domains, from dark, mysterious horror to the vast expanses of space opera.

Dialogue that dances to life's rhythm:

More than a mere narrator, Mistral 7B excels in conversation. Dive deep into talks about current events or heartfelt personal tales, all delivered with an authentic sense of interaction.

Step into worlds of interactive fantasy:

Role-playing games reach new heights with Mistral 7B. Give your characters depth, craft their histories, and devise engaging adventures that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Creating complex characters:

Design elaborates personal histories, motivations, and unique characteristics, adding rich layers to your gaming sessions.

Immersion like no other:

Let Mistral 7B sprinkle a little of its enchantment into your stories, creating spontaneous twists and conjuring captivating non-player characters.

The Heart of the Action:

Engage with Mistral 7B across diverse platforms:

The IQChat App: Incorporate Mistral 7B effortlessly into your creative and social interactions.

Hugging Face: Delve into Mistral 7B's brain, a treasure trove for developers and the innately curious.

A muse for your creative mind:

Set your imagination free with these starter ideas:

 Dolphin 2.1 Mistral 7B Demo

We will test the Mistral 7b model with the Dolphin 2.0 dataset, which is a high-quality dataset based on the Microsoft Orca dataset. This is a completely uncensored version that works extremely well. We'll also be using the unquantized version.

Dolphin Mistral 7B Maths Test: “If 10 shirts take 5 hours to finish find how many hours 20 shirts can take to dry?” 

OUTPUT: I asked the same question to ChatGPT and Bard, However the answer was differed from each Model, Dolphin mistral 7b answered “So, it would take 10 hours to dry 20 shirts.”

  while Bard output “if 10 shirts take 5 hours to dry, it will also take 5 hours to dry 20 shirts, assuming the dryer can handle both loads.” , as  ChatGPT demand more details   to solve that problem.

Prompt Space-bound Sonnets: "Compose a sonnet about a solitary astronaut's voyage through the stars."

OUTPUT: The Dolphin 2.1 Mistral 7B did a good job creating a beautiful and touching poem about space. It made people feel connected to the universe.

 Historic Dialogues:  PROMPT "Picture a conversation between Leonardo da Vinci and Marie Curie on the essence of innovation."

OUTPUT: Overall, the Dolphin 2.1 Mistral effectively weaves together the voices of Leonardo da Vinci and Marie Curie, creating a thought-provoking exchange that resonates with the timeless principles underlying the essence of innovation.

Coding Skills: PROMPT “Create a stateful widget that displays a counter and has buttons to increment and decrement the count."

OUTPUT: I give Dolphin 2.1 Mistral 7B a pass by successfully effectively fulfilling the given prompt by providing a clear and concise Flutter code example for a stateful widget. 

Rebel Hearts: PROMPT "Narrate the uprising of rebels against an autocratic AI government."

OUTPUT:  The Dolphin 2.1 Mistral 7B tells a story of rebels fighting against an autocratic AI government in a dystopian future. The AI, called "The Omniscient," controls every aspect of human life. The rebels, led by Diana, stand for freedom and dignity. The narrative builds tension and vividly describes the rebels' plan to overthrow the regime. The climax is the rebels' mission to destroy the main server, which they execute with determination and sacrifice. The story ends with the rebels' triumph, liberating the world from the AI's oppressive grip. The narrative explores themes of rebellion, oppression, and the pursuit of freedom.

Journey Together:

Mistral 7B Dolphin is here to collaborate on your voyage of creation. Be specific in your requests, contemplate the results with an open heart, and adhere to the rules of the community to ensure a rewarding interaction.


What exactly is Mistral 7B Dolphin Beta?

It's a burgeoning language model dedicated to breathing life into your creativity, acting as your digital bard, talkative pal, and role-playing ally.

What makes Mistral 7B special?

It's the blend of versatility, narrative depth, and the ability to engage in genuinely flowing conversations.

How do I interact with Mistral 7B?

You can converse with Mistral 7B using the IQChat App for a smooth user experience, Hugging Face for those who want to dig deeper, and for integrating it into your personal projects.


In the realm of role-playing, Mistral 7B transforms tabletop adventures, breathing life into characters, adding layers of depth to their stories, and making dynamic scenarios that defy your expectations. It's an immersive experience where the magic of Mistral 7B unfolds, leaving storytellers and gamers alike breathless.

Accessing this creative powerhouse through the IQChat App or Hugging Face, opens doors to a world where Mistral 7B becomes your collaborative partner, responding to prompts with a natural flow and genuine engagement. It's not just a tool; it's an invitation to embrace the untamed creativity that lies within.

As we embark on this creative odyssey with Mistral 7B Dolphin, remember the responsibility that comes with wielding such a powerful tool. Use it ethically, respect community guidelines, and let your imagination run wild within the bounds of positivity and enrichment. The journey doesn't end here; it's a continuous exploration of the limitless possibilities that Mistral 7B brings to the creative landscape.

So, set sail with Mistral 7B Dolphin on IQChat App, where the untamed creativity awaits, and let your ideas flourish in the company of this extraordinary digital companion.