Best Free & Paid Browser Stack Alternatives

BrowserStack is a cloud-based testing tool for developers looking to test their applications and sites in real-time. It helps with thorough testing of mobile and desktop applications along with websites for their functionality and performance.

Users have started experiencing issues with BrowserStack. The service has become slow and the performance is no longer that reliable. Despite the fact that it covers a wide variety of gadgets and browser types, the service is no longer totally free to use. 
Below, we will go over some terrific BrowserStack options that are both complimentary and paid to help evaluate your websites and applications on genuine devices.
BrowserStack totally free alternatives have restricted performance yet they can be a useful source for occasional screening.
Let us talk about that below in the information.
So, let's get going without further ado.

Why is Cross-Platform Testing Important?

A cross-browser test assists identify the performance of an application through numerous gadgets using different web browsers. You have to make sure that when you introduce your website it is supported by all web browsers and reveals up properly on each device out there.

Consider the video-sharing app like YouTube as an example, some individuals access it via mobiles while others from their windows 7 platform through the web explorer internet browser. This multiple-platform browsing experience makes it difficult to test your website fully on all type of gadgets. Even all android and iOS phones differ in their functionality.

For this reason, certain mistakes might be particular to a single mobile device or platform. Even the internet browser variations are various in their efficiency and have diversified functionalities. Cross-platform testing, particularly in the context of mobile app testing, helps determine the varied performance of your mobile application or website to debug and set up the errors appropriately.

The 12 Best BrowserStack Alternatives (Free & Paid)

1. LambdaTest



LambdaTest has something various from BrowserStack to use to its users. That consists of a Forever membership plan for totally free. Even if the life time totally free usage strategy is restricted in its functions, it is forever free and not simply a trial variation.
The complementary strategy provides the following features with limitations:.

  • Testing for 5 users just all at once.
  • Real-time Browser testing - 6 sessions each month.
  • Per session 10 minutes of real-time browser testing.
  • Collectively 60 minutes of web browser testing monthly.
  • 10 screenshots per month for testing purposes.
  • 30 minutes of day-to-day LambdaTest browser screening.

LambdaTest can be a BrowserStack totally free alternative as it provides something that BrowserStack does not: A permanently complimentary strategy! The complementary strategy is rather restricted, however, it is free permanently and not just a totally free trial.
Another significant reason for preferring Lambda Test as a BrowserStack option is that it facilitates versatile, on-demand passes that can be bought for immediate use. If you require a periodic screening service it supplies a go-to option.

By paying $10 just, you get to experience 120 minutes of website screening that has a one-month validity. After 30 days however, the minutes end instantly. You will not need to sign up and buy a regular strategy that requires more cash due to the fact that even the most affordable purchase rate is $19 monthly.

The readily available platforms for live testing on LambdaTest consist of:

  • Windows.
  • Windows XP.
  • Windows 7.
  • Windows 8.
  • Windows 8.1.
  • MAC OS X 
  • iOS.
  • Android.

More than 2000 web browser types are readily available for testing live. Both live screenings for websites and automated tests using screenshots can be carried out to discover all possible errors. These tests can be operated on numerous gadgets to see how the screenshots of your application or site appear in various user interfaces.
By running a mobile responsiveness test you can ensure how your webpage responds to a range of mobile browsers and platforms. As an effective BrowserStack alternative, LambdaTest uses live testing and debugging of your website on more than 25 gadgets.
LambdaTets uses an integration of a wide variety of applications to assist monitor your bugs and managing your task testing.

A few of the readily available integrated apps consist of:

  • Shopify.
  • TestCafe.
  • Azure Pipelines.
  • Circle CI.
  • Slack.
  • GitLab.
  • GitHub.
  • ClickUp.
  • Chat.
  • MicrosoftTeams.
  • and numerous more ...

You can visit this page to take a look at the total list of integrations.

The next question arises about pricing. Listed below we have actually noted the rates information in a reasonable range.

For a monthly strategy, the cost varieties from $19 to $2975. The range primarily depends on your chosen plan and how lots of synchronized tests you require to run. Whether you choose a plan with Live screening or live + web automation, or Live+ Mobile Browser Automation +Web Automation screening, the rate differs appropriately.

See the prices page to understand updated rates, as the rates info goes through alter at any time. To get an accurate price enter the chosen number of parallel tests you wish to run.

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2. Browserling

Furthermore, it has a totally free bundle to adjust for periodic testing. As a BrowserStack totally free alternative, it has some limitations and may not be your go-to choice.

To test a website for its visual previewing and live efficiency precision, you can enter it on Browserling and the tests will run live on incorporated machines. No simulators or emulators will be included in this kind of cross-platform testing.

Nevertheless, due to the restriction of a free plan, you can just test on Windows 7 gadgets. Other versions of the Windows OS or other mobile phones can not be evaluated.

And even on Windows 7, you have these web browsers available for screening:

  • Internet Explorer 11.
  • Safari 4, 5.0.5, & 5.
  • Chrome 1-90 & Canary.
  • Firefox 3-88 & Nightly.

Each session of paid testing will cover 3 minutes only and the readily available testing resolution will be 1024 x 768.

On a totally free strategy, you can only run a fixed number of tests every day. You can not get extra tests center by clearing your cookies or transitioning to a personal or anonymous mode.
Some tools that are beneficial throughout live testing consist of:

  • URL Sharing for web browser view.
  • Leaving Feedback.
  • Capturing screenshots.
  • Changing the resolution.

For guaranteeing information security, Browserling utilizes encrypted technology so that data doesn't get hacked or taken. All web browsers run tests and save the results in a sandbox manner to avoid the possibility of malware or a malicious virus.

Browserling assists in web browser extension feature so that numerous web browsers can successfully run tests easily while visiting a website. The extensions are offered for the following web browsers:.

  • Firefox.
  • Chrome.
  • Safari.
  • Opera.

In addition to being a BrowserStack complimentary alternative, Browserling has a couple of premium plans also.

The premium strategies have more versatility and provide access to all browsers, gadgets, and screening minutes with no limitations. The premium team strategy needs a team as a user body while the more affordable plan involves just one user.

You can have a look at the upgraded prices information here.

3. TestCafe Studio

TestCafe is a good BrowserStack alternative as it has both premium and free open source versions. However, the open-source free BrowserStack alternative doesn't offer access to the visual recording feature and is a bit more made complex to use. Visual recorder enables screening without code writing and is a beneficial function while running live tests.

Let's focus on the premium variation of TestCafe i.e. TestCafe Studio. Although the totally free variation allows cross-browser testing too, however, has limitations.

Let's explore the workings of TestCafe Studio. How is the screening done?
It's quite simple in fact. You can run the tests of your site by using Visual Editor.
Get in the URL and load your site via the editor and start page interaction however clicking or scrolling on a button.

By utilizing the visual recorder you can evaluate each interaction that is being tape-recorded without having to go through the real coding procedure.

After finishing running the test on a specific platform, you can run. The same test on several other web browsers and platforms to see how the interactions differ according to each web browser.
The page interactions can be customized anytime and each interaction chosen for contrast can be edited or deleted upon retesting. The testing can be conducted on several instances of the very same browser or more than one browser. The web browser and a preferred number of concurrences can be selected at the time of screening.

As you begin comparing your interactions, the test will examine each function of the page for functionality, functionality, technicality, and information integrity. You will get a complete report of each successful or failed action carried out throughout screening. The links for each action and screenshots will be produced to see the preview.

TestCafe integrates a wise waiting procedure while screening up until all the page elements have been filled. It doesn't count on manual time-outs and screening is quite stabilized.
In Addition, TestCafe Studio assists in coders editing their trial code for live testing. Nevertheless, typically, there is no coding required as many people choose to utilize its visual modifying choice needing no coding.

Apart from the free variation, the premium variation prices are high and the strategy begins at $249.99 annually. After the preliminary year though, it gets less expensive with renewal costs requiring just $99.99 annually.

As discussed, TestCafe has a free variation that is open source.
Have a look at the main TestCafe Studio page for price updates and complimentary 30-day trial information.

4. SmartBear Cross-Browser Testing

SmartBear offers an extremely effective testing tool that assists in cross-browser testing. Included in the very best BrowserStack options list, it offers a selection center to pick your desired browser-device combination for running your website or application tests. You can likewise select the resolution you desire to check your site for. The tools likewise provide mobile screening functions on genuine portable devices and you can shift from regular desktop to portrait mode on mobiles.
During the test, the video recording feature uses screenshot recording and test video taping to track network traffic and the total design of the checked webpage.
The automated choice will capture screenshots from every web browser type thrice throughout the test. You can alter the internet browser setup or filter out the outcomes by picking your wanted web browser type.

By arranging your screenshot recording, you can get a record of your website daily, regular monthly or weekly. The regular track record will keep you upgraded about remaining mistakes or new-found bugs on your website.

Comparable to other BrowserStack alternatives, the SmartBear screening tool supplies a solution to your website's live testing issues. By providing an automatic test recording option, you can run live tests quickly for your website by simply entering the URL.

All free BrowserStack options provide website screening on mobile tests and real devices are also included in this. Every day new gadgets are being included and the list gets updated routinely.
Some of the available mobile devices consist of:.

  • Nexus 5.
  • iPad Mini.
  • iPhone 11 Pro.
  • Pixel 4.
  • iPhone X.

And others.

Just like BrowserStack, SmartBear CrossBrowser Testing expenses at $29 per year as an initial plan.
Comparatively, SmartBear is a much better alternative to BrowserStack as it offers mobile testing along with a desktop variation in its starting plan. Whereas, BrowserStack does not have this center initially even if it costs the same.

The standard preparation for SmartBear offers a restricted number of live testing by hand along with screenshot testing. However, for automated, parallel screening you will require an upgraded plan depending on the variety of tests you desire to run.

Have a look at the prices page for information about total screening packages here.

5. Datadog

Datadog functions as one of the automated BrowserStack options offering self-maintaining browser screening as chosen by the designers nowadays. It needs no coding and monitors your website efficiency automatedly utilizing a visual web recorder.

The automated tests are run based on the taped logs developed from your very first trial testing.
Self-maintaining testing implies you will not have to upgrade the tests by hand and you will be able to view the caught shots from your previous webpage test screen.

As far as pricing is worried, Datadog has a lower-priced plan than BrowserStack, almost half the rate or perhaps lower than that.

The starter plan is simply $12 each month. This strategy provides 1000 internet browser tests per month. Whereas, 1000 API tests per month costs just $5.
For updates about pricing, check this link out.

6. Applitools

Unlike BrowserStack, Applitools offers a lifetime-free strategy. Powered by visual AI innovation the business claims to be 50x times more efficient than other traditional BrowserStack options in terms of speed and performance.

Using it with the standard structure for screening, you can just focus on improvable locations of your site without having to alter or adjust the entire settings. Applitools platform allows you to protect your priorly set structure aspects and change just certain things by utilizing AI eyes. By doing this your testing framework can have an improved speed and become more accurate by getting debugged to 45%.

Applitools lets the developers end up being more confident in their web application screening by running independent tests quicker with little or no more coding requirements.


The mobile version lets you evaluate your web page on your regional gadget faster. The UltraFast Grid will initially run the initial test and after that lets, you run multiple parallel ones on your chosen browser-device mix with fast, accurate results.

The UltraFast Grid is compatible with many internet browsers. Chrome is used as a default web browser on Android devices much like Safari on iOS gadgets. These are supported by the Applitools UltraFast Grid.

The system behind the faster performance of UltraFast tools as compared to the other tools is that it does not record regular screenshots. Rather of larger shots, it takes smaller-sized pictures that upload more rapidly and improves the page efficiency. It includes HTML and other page rendering elements to ensure the tests run smoothly.

Here is the rates page mentioning the required details about strategies.

7. Sauce Labs


Unlike most of the other BrowserStack options, Sauce Labs provides a comprehensive variety of browser types and device platforms to select from for screening. It works with not only real mobile device operating systems such as Android or iOS or desktop, but also provides emulator/simulator assistance.

As the list of all the supported devices is too prolonged to write here, let us mention this link for you to visit for additional information.

For open-source projects, Sauce Labs uses a free service to run and test your project in an economical method. Instead of going with BrowserStack developers are beginning to seek free BrowserStack alternatives to cut possible expenses.

There are limitless screening instances used by the users and the tool is notoriously referred to as Open Sauce. As endless testing time is quite uncommon for unsettled testing services, Sauce Labs has ended up being a favored alternative for lots of periodic designers.

The centers include 5 parallel, concurrent screening sessions along with numerous browsers, emulators, or genuine device setups. Designers and service workers can share their tasks with coworkers and staff members by taking videos or screenshots from the screening sessions and sending them through Slack.

If a specific job certifies, open Sauce is indicated for cloud jobs and users have to use it and see it.
Regular versions of the platform are paid and assist in automated, smooth testing improving your website or app action by step.

The strategies offered by the company consist of a less expensive variety as well with sensible prices and limitless testing minutes. For both mobile and web screening, the regular monthly strategy starts at $39 and is billed on an annual basis.

The pricing information can be visited here for updated information.

Sauce Labs' rates strategies are reasonable. The cheap strategy includes limitless screening minutes and both desktop and mobile tests for simply $39/month, billed every year. As compared to the BrowserStack rates plan that also bills the exact same quantity but uses a single-user service, SauceLabs uses a multiple-user screening experience for larger advancement groups.

Keep checking the pricing page for updates. Regardless of which plan you prefer, pricing might differ according to the number of parallel tests you select to run.

8. Error monitoring

Error-tracking tools, such as Sentry, play a crucial role in software development by monitoring applications in real-time to detect, log, and report errors as they occur. These tools are invaluable for developers and IT teams, enabling them to identify issues quickly, often before users are affected. Sentry, in particular, stands out for its comprehensive features that include automatic exception capturing, detailed error reports with stack traces, and the context needed to diagnose and fix problems efficiently. It supports multiple programming languages and integrates seamlessly with existing development workflows. By using Sentry, teams can improve their application's reliability and user experience, ensuring that any disruptions are promptly addressed and resolved. There are also a few powerful Sentry alternatives that offer error and exception monitoring capabilities for various programming environments. 

9. Ranorex Studio.

Ranorex Studio is also a coding-free screening alternative for developers not thinking about developing test code. This tool allows you to run numerous, automated tests on cross-browser platforms.

Ranorex Studio is an exceptional BrowserStack alternative that enables you to run multiple tests. All emulators, simulators, and mobile and desktop devices with standard operating systems are consisted of in the list of supported systems.

Ranorex Studio allows developers to produce reports of performed tests and share them as PDFs or HTML files among coworkers.
Rates involve buying a Ranorex Studio license costing $3,590 with extra features available as add-ons. The license may appear pricey at a general glance, nevertheless, it is a one-time cost for ongoing screening support.

As compared to BrowserStack's premium strategies costing a regular monthly or yearly fee, a one-time cost appears a lot cheaper undoubtedly, especially if you need frequent screening sessions.
Furthermore, there is a trial variation to try out Initially prior to really acquiring a license acquisition. You can tentatively utilize the trial version and check out the feature offered prior to looking for a license upon fulfillment.

Whatever choice you go for, keep checking the updated price information here to get more details.


Previously known as Experitest,, uses both automated and live, manual screening on major internet browsers and devices. The offered devices include nearly 1000 of both Android and iOS variations, their simulators, and emulators collectively.

Adopting an inclusive approach, has actually included accessibility functions such as voiceovers. It will allow aesthetically impaired individuals to track the test results by listening to the voiceovers for each test action being carried out. The SeeTest function can check this accessibility including on mobile gadgets for individuals with visual disabilities.

AI accessibility assists include individuals with special needs by understanding their difficulties and using them as versatile solutions. Sites need to be navigable utilizing a keyboard as some individuals may not be able to utilize a mouse.

The latency concerns in a website test can be fixed with the help of international information. The speed delays and data taking a trip concerns are valid network connectivity mistakes that might trigger a bad influence on your site UX. While running tests these problems should be tracked particularly for enhanced website performance. utilizes a special prices system for product purchases. Enabling a flexible payment solution and economical facility as compared to BrowserStack, lets you purchase "flex points" to compensate for an item of your choice. Click on this link to discover more about the flex points technique.

11. Functionize


Similar to other BrowserStack alternatives Functionalize also uses a cross-browser screening service for significant platforms. By targeting all the possible mistakes on the beta variation of your site, Functionalize saves your effort and time on needing to debug your website later on. Focusing on website compatibility enhancement, assists you to resolve major problems priorly prior to you finally launching your site. Developers choose this testing method to guarantee the website runs efficiently on all internet browsers and device platforms out there.

The function offers a complete plan featuring cross-browser testing as a part of it and is a much better choice than BrowserStack in this regard.

All the plans and plan information are noted on this page. You can get the functions table and request a quote as specific costs are not discussed.

12. Kobiton

Unlike BrowserStack's open-source technique, Kobiton has tools using both paid and totally free BrowserStack options yet developers prefer its private cloud strategy. Having the ability to run tests on locally hosted devices Kobiton shows to be among the very best BrowserStack options. Nevertheless, it currently does not use cross-browser testing as it prefers information security, performance, and management above other functions.

The testing tool is best suited for designers seeking complete mobile screening alternatives with automated assistance for visual, practical, and available efficiency analysis of a website on one platform. Including genuine gadgets, the testing is done in a scriptless, fast manner with the accelerated shipment of page interactions.

Kobiton facilitates all the alternatives connected to on-premises or cloud-based testing. Offering free deployment of your local portable or desktop device by linking them to make a network of personal, cloud-based hybrid systems, the screening can be done in a safe environment.

Using windows device management , app health monitoring, genuine gadget script, appium, and testing generation, the Kobiton screening option is a total bundle. By permitting access to cloud-connected real devices users can get complete gesture support by tapping, swiping, or scrolling.

Real-time analytical stats are generated based upon system metrics consisting of battery backup, memory efficiency, submitting time for videos, screenshot resolution, and comprehensive logging. Both mobile and web platforms can be evaluated to ensure the app abandonment rate is as little as possible.

Being the market's first scriptless, automated testing tool for mobile phones, designers can experience a unique testing center with smooth test Appium script development.
Pricing info can be obtained by visiting this page.

13. HeadSpin

HeadSpin offers substantial screening services for mobile apps, desktop software applications, cross-browser websites, and so on. One of a kind in its functionality, HeadSpin has its league among the very best BrowserStack alternatives. Due to its user-friendly personnel approach, it supplies a powerful solution to the developers for accelerated analytics and complex tracking of real-time app or system breaks. Any mistake concerning the network, gadget, or code layer is detected faster than ever to make sure smooth performance.

The HeadSpin platform facilitates on-premises and cloud-based facilities with a device learning technique concentrating on quality assurance and proactive testing to monitor apps in real-time.
Amongst the more safe BrowserStack alternatives, HeadSpin likewise provides place screening with different network zones and the release of mobile gadgets in more than a hundred locations internationally.

Check out the site here for price information and other details.

To cover up the conversation on a combined note, let's address the irritating question: What is the very best BrowserStack option?

Decision: 2 Best BrowserStack Alternatives

LambdaTest is considered the very best among the totally free BrowserStack alternatives. Having a complimentary starter strategy along with a significantly reasonable premium one, LambdaTest scores well on the testing tools card.

On the contrary, if you are a periodic designer looking for a one-time screening service without going through the discomforts of establishing an account and obtaining deregistered with premium screening tools and platforms, Browserling might be your go-to option. As limitations are there with complimentary BrowserStack alternatives, naturally you can just get Windows 7 web browsers to support utilizing Browserling's totally free strategy.

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