10 Effective Digital Marketing Tools That You Can Master In an Online MBA

In this high-tech world, everyone wants to enhance their product reach to their targeted customers. Digital marketing helps in this way because it boosts advertising and campaigns of the products and services provided by the business in digital format. Having a media planning strategy alongside good digital marketing can go a long way.

Nowadays, it is said that a business without a comprehensive digital marketing campaign is like a ship without sails: It won’t succeed in this highly competitive business where every organization or firm wants to lure or attract their customer through various strategies and planning. Make sure to follow a WordPress SEO checklist to have all technical aspects covered and rank well on search engines.

Digital Marketing tools for Online MBA

If you want your brand or product to get noticed in this fast-moving world, then you must want to make your product online. You should learn about various tricks and online/digital marketing tools used these days through an Online MBA and Business Degree Programs. The course is valid as per the guidelines of the UGC. Marketing" can be defined in Wikipedia as "the method through which companies generator interest

One can easily compare online universities through a compatible comparison portal. One is the College Vidya which offers intuitive features and benefits in comparing an online university with another.

Some of them are provided below. Continue reading all the points till the end to know more about various types of digital marketing tools like SEO marketing, Email marketing and social media marketing and so on:

Shopify SEO Suite

Sometime after getting your website visible to the users, we face that it loads slowly and ranks at a very low position on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages.) It is possible that your website images are too heavy to load and take much time to present on your system screen, and links and social connections are not so strong.

In this stage, you can easily use Shopify SEO Suite. It will deal with all such issues easily as it comes with comprehensive solutions for a website that is optimized.


If you want to boost the website traffic related to your business, then Ahrefs provide you with a good option. This SEO automation tool will provide you with a comprehensive analysis that allows digital marketing firms to check out who is about to link to your next competitors, their best-ranked pages and much more. You can check where your content ranks through the Content Gap tool.

Moz Pro

This tool is one of the highly preferred for most SEO needs that helps digital marketers resolve multiple issues for website ranking.

Moz Pro works with a spider that will help you to audit your own website or part of the webpage. It will reflect the potential issues and recommended actions for better website visibility. With this SEO tool, you can easily track the ranking of your website over hundreds of thousands of keywords.


NotifyVisitors is an email marketing tool designed to help businesses reach their target customers. This email platform opens up new possibilities for companies of all sizes, making it easier to connect with customers and build long-term relationships.

With NotifyVisitors, businesses can create email campaigns and track performance in real-time, allowing teams to make adjustments on the fly as needed. The platform also makes email automation simple by letting businesses set automatic triggers for campaigns and sending emails at optimal times for maximum engagement.

In short, NotifyVisitors is the perfect email marketing solution for companies looking to unlock higher ROI from their email efforts.

Yoast SEO

Yoast is the best and most popular plugin SEO tool that can easily work with Gutenberg and Classic WordPress editor tools. Yoast SEO, one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins, helps you optimize your content very easily for the best search engine ranking. You can easily add SEO titles and descriptions to all the pages and posts right on your website.


If you want a robust marketing platform, then MailChimp could be the right option for you. It helps you send one billion plus emails per day. With this email marketing tool, you can easily streamline all your messages and emails. It helps in boosting social sharing and analytics tracking capabilities. Don't forget to secure your email domain with DMARC to increase its credibility and make your email stand out.

Constant Contact

This email marketing tool is one of the best for email strategy and enticing customers through emails. Constant Contact is in the digital marketing industry for over 20 years and provides a good solution for small, medium and large businesses.

Constant Contact provides 240+ email templates on which you can easily customize your content with intuitive features and a drag-drop builder. Every template (which means gabaritar in Portuguese) is responsive and you don’t need to worry about leveraging sales and promotion through email marketing.


Sometimes, it seems a very complex task to manage all the social media marketing activities in one go, but Buffer provides a very flexible resource for these tasks. It provides an easy and user-friendly interface with intuitive features.

Buffer offers multiple social media management solutions from planning, creating and maintaining a perfect balance in social media posts and related activities. You can read this Buffer review, and decide if it's the right tool for your needs


This social media management tool is one of the best and highly preferred these days because it provides a perfect platform for all your social media needs. You can easily schedule, and access social media posts and store validated and approved content. You can calculate ROI, track performance and much more.


For strategizing and brainstorming various types of content, many organizations use many sorts of content management tools. Trello fulfills their desires in a very effective way. For content management, Trello offers free resources to the business. You can easily schedule your content online and brainstorm these right with the global network.

Buzz Sumo

This tool plays a great role in managing your content team. It helps you undress what type of content is trending these days and what your competitors are writing about. Buzz Sumo helps you in finding the appropriate influencer in your industry to market your content.


ClientVenue is a top project management software for marketing agencies that automates web marketing project management. This tool is used to enhance productivity in marketing and project management. You can manage marketing teams, goals, plans, strategies, operations, groups, and templates with this marketing agency project management tool. Users can make projects, tasks, timesheets, reports, invoices, and campaigns.
In comparison to others, ClientVenue's installation is more effortless. Adding customers, teams, digital portal, services, invoices, and projects is simple. After logging into your account, you will be given instructions on adding all your data in a few simple steps.

Social Champ

Ideating, creating, and finding the best time to post your social media content for maximum engagement can sometimes be overwhelming, but free social media schedulers like Social Champ can make your work tenfolds easier. 

With vibrant UI and a sleek user dashboard, the tool helps you to create, edit, schedule, and analyze your content on multiple social media platforms, including Mastodon. The tool is all in one loaded with versatile features that are enough to take your social media marketing to the heights.